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Thought: Process, Act or power of thinking: An Idea

Ditmot is an acronym which stands for decedents in the midst of thought.  The term is used to describe the way of life of three offspring descendants:  Darwin, Aphrabehn, and Constant Drifter.  Ditmot came into existence in Detroit 13 years ago during the “golden age” of hip-hop music.  During this era, expression through creativity and innovation helped spark hip-hop, developing it to the level it is d=today.  These three descendants have manifested themselves from different generations of music and hip-hop to formulate what is called the midst of thought.

Darwin:  Evolves thought through psychedelic images.  The use of scientific observations helps him to create different theories of discourse.  When in the midst of thought, his character becomes very interesting.  Darwin becomes the scientist MAAD, which stands for “Menacing Analytical Altering Diction”.  Darwin’s abstract element of though often has the listener studying to get his meaning.

Constant Drifter:  Drifts though contemporary issues holding the listener in deep meditation.  The Drifter identifies unchallenged propaganda and life challenging issues.  When in the midst of thought, his concepts are constantly flipping like TV channels!


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