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Corey Analog

Corey Analog

Corey Analog, reclusive genius from a musical family where his parents were both vocalist and musicians. Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, joined his craft in seclusion during his formative years began DJing serious in High School only to take his skill set to the college campus in the early 1990s. Upon graduation from Bowling Green State University, Analog followed the smell of music from Detroit, Mi..setting up shop there for the next decade practicing/recording a catalog that numbers in the thousands...skilled at guitar, piano, drums, bass, trumpet, flute, sousaphone and trombone, he became a virtual one man show as displayed in the dark yet brilliant 2008 release "The sudden urge to look beyond", "The strange life of Corey Analog and the upcoming 2019 release "The Cosmic Carnival of Ki ki Zanzibar".

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